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Ayatollah Saanei’s Message of Condolence and Condemnation of the Terror Attack on New Zealand Muslims

In the Name of God 

“By the Lord of Kaaba, I achieved salvation.”

 I express my condolences on the martyrdom of New Zealand Muslims who were practicing worship at their mosques, the houses of God, last Friday, to His Holiness Wali al-Asar (Aj), all Muslim and godly nations, tolerant people, and justice and freedom seekers.

 I also pray to God for His mercy and blessings on the martyrs, and ask Him to bestow gracious patience and great remuneration upon them.
I hope the blood of the virtuous and pious people shall increase the nations’ awareness and encourage Muslims’ greater interest in mosques and in establishing relation with God, and lead governments to eradicate terrorism and its roots and causes.

 At the end, I would like to invite all tolerant people as well as all theoretical and practical supporters of human rights and justice to develop profound knowledge of Islam, its teachings, and Muslims.
March 18, 2019
Qom Al-Muqaddassah
Yusof Saanei

Date: 2019/03/18
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