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Istikharah Literally, Istikhara means to ask for and seek the good. Technically, however, it is seeking divine guidance; it is common among the religious to ask God to show them the right way out of a dilemma, when, having consulted the connoisseurs of the issue and considered all its pros and cons, they are still doubtful which choice they should make. There are different types of Istikhara the most advised and religiously documented of which is the Dh?t al Riq?.

His Holiness Imam S?diq (AS) is quoted as saying, “When you decide to do an Istikhara, take six pieces of paper, and on three of them, write « In the Name of Allah, the Most Merciful, and the Most Compassionate, the advice from Allah, the Most Exalted in Might and the Wise, for X the son/daughter of Y, is to NOT DO And on the three others repeat except for the last part where you write DO instead of NOT DO, and write your name for X and your mother’s for Y. Then, put the papers under your prayer mat, and offer two Rak’ahs (circles) of prayer. When finished, prostrate and recite the following supplication a hundred times: «(I ask Allah to bless me with His Mercy and that which is good and advisable for me.) ÇóÓúÊóÎíÑõ Çááåó ÈöÑóÍúãóÊöåö ÎöíóÑóÉð Ýì ÚÇÝöíóÉ » Then, sit back and recite:«Çóááøåã ÎöÑúáì æÇÎúÊóÑúáì Ýì ÌãíÚ ÇãæÑì Ýì íõÓúÑ ãöäß æ ÚÇÝíÉ(Oh Allah! Bless me with the good and that which is easy and advisable for me in all my affairs.) » Then, shuffle the papers and take them out one at a time. If three DO papers come out successively, you are advised to do it while three successive DO NOT papers tell you that you should not do it. If the papers come out in a mixed combination, you take out five papers and based on those which are more frequent, you decide whether you should or should not do it. For example, if the number of DO NOT papers is more than the DO ones, it means that you are not advised to do it. You will not need to take out the sixth paper anyway. And Allah is the Knowledgeable.

And as mentioned above, Istikhara is for those in a dilemma of choosing between action or omission in a case which is basically good and Mub?h or Hal?l from rational and religious points of view. That is, one cannot do an Istikhara for doing a Har?m or irrational act. Moreover, it is not a ritual obligation to follow the outcome of an Istikhara whatsoever. Emphasizing such points, this office has set out to provide Istikhara services for you respectable users through its database. .

Please not that this office does not provide Istikhara services in marriage or divorce cases.

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The maximum waiting time for receiving the result of your Istikhara would be 24 hours.

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