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Website of the Office of Grand Ayatullah Saanei :: RSS
RSS RSS (Really Simple Syndication) makes it possible for you to receive news updates without needing to refer to this website.
Using the RSS News Reader, you can read the titles and abstracts of the updates uploaded on the website, and if you decide to read the full copy of the update, you can click the link in the News Reader to be redirected to the related page.
There are two types of RSS News Readers: software and web-based. The first type should be installed on your computer while the second is a ready-to-use application available online. For this latter type, you only need to sign up on an RSS News Reader Website and enter your favorite URL. However, there are also some web-based news readers which receive updates without needing to sign up. To receive updates regularly, the news reader software need to be always connected to the Internet and their refresh time should be set correctly.
Besides, you can also share our latest updates on your blog or website via RSS. To do so, you will need an intermediary program. There are some websites on the Internet which do that for you. All you need to do is enter our RSS link on such websites and receive a code from them which you will put on your website or blog. Thus, the users of your website or blog will be able to read our latest updates.
‘RSS 2.0’ and ‘ATOM 3.0’ are two well-known RSS formats supported by all news readers as long as they can decode the Persian language. To use our RSS materials, which have been divided into different categories for ease of use, choose your favorite category whose updates you want to read, drag one of the RSS outputs (RSS 2.0 or ATOM 3.0) and drop it into your news reader, or right-click on it and Copy Shortcut or Copy Link Location and finally paste it into your designated destination.
We also support ‘Java Script output’ on this database. You can share our materials and updates on your blog or website without needing to use any intermediary programs. To do so, simply copy the code next to the title of each category and paste it anywhere on your blog or website. Thus, the users of your blog or website will be able to see the latest topics and headlines and news summaries as well as their links to our website.

Category RSS File ATOM File
All Categories RSS ATOM
Statements RSS ATOM
Interviews RSS ATOM
Reflection RSS ATOM
Women's Rights RSS ATOM
Audio Bank RSS ATOM
Film Bank RSS ATOM
Flash Bank RSS ATOM
Library of Persian Materials RSS ATOM
Kharej Fiqh RSS ATOM
Kharej Usoul RSS ATOM
Istiftaat RSS ATOM

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