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A Selection of Islamic Laws Writer: Based on the Verdicts of Grand Ayatollah Haj Sheikh Yousef Saanei
Last Edition: 2008/09/28

A brief glance at His Eminence’s verdicts would suffice to acknowledge Him as to be among the few Islamic jurists who, along with fidelity to the basics and principles of rule deduction (Ijtihad), have devoted special attention to the two elements of time and space as well as the needs of the new age and thus paved the way for the practicality of Islam’s jurisprudential rulings. In this regard, seeing masculinity as not being a condition for serving as judges, religious jurists, and in other ruling positions, equality between men and women and also between Muslims and non-Muslims in compensation, blood money, and retaliation, considering music as to be generally legal except for the music containing laxity and immorality, establishing the age of puberty for girls as to begin at thirteen lunar years of age (in the absence of the signs of puberty), giving mothers priority over paternal grandfathers in taking custody and guardianship of children in the absence of their fathers, counting all human beings as pure except for obstinate unbelievers who deny the truth despite knowing it, and taking merely the interest paid on depreciation as illegal usury but the one resulting from gainful employment of the principal as legal etc., are all indicative of His Eminence’s novel way of thinking and are worth mentioning.
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